Local Web monitor improved and new report comments

Der Local Web Monitor allows to record performance data. Any server or applications parameter can be shown in the performance chart. Furthermore outages can be commented.
9/25/2015, more

More detailed pdf export of the Availability Reports

These new features are available now:
  • The PDF export of the server availability reports contains all check details if required
  • Downtimes can be 48 hours long, instead of 24 hours as of now
  • IMAP server can be checked via SSL
9/14/2015, more

New Blacklist Monitor ensures email shipment

For every email you send out you expect that the recipient receives it within some seconds. But nearly every email system has a spam filter which uses blacklists to identify spam mail servers. If you mail server is listed on any of these blacklists your mails won't be deliverd correcty anymore. Our new blacklist monitor checks every minute the leading blacklists and notifies you immediately if you mail servers are listed.

HTTP Cert Monitor now has a WARNING state

The HTTP Cert monitor notifies per email if a SSL certificate expires in the near future. Only after the entered minimum validity for status CRITICAL is reached a SMS will be sent out.

Notification by phone call now

System outages happen frequently at night. Then the engineers are asleep but the customers in Asia and the Americas are not. In order to resolve outages at night, alerting via SMS is often not sufficient. A short SMS tone is just not the same as an alarm clock.
Therefore, we will call you in case of failure upon request to ensure that the failure can be actually solved.
To ensure that the alarm does not become annoying, you can firstly adjust the times, when alerting by telephone should take place and you can secondly adjust the minimum period between 2 calls.

ServerGuard24 is IPv6 ready

ServerGuard24 now supports IPv6 for the measurement region Europe. For all other measurement regions IPv6 will be introduced step by step. Decide for each check if the connection will be established with IPv4 or IPv6.

New Maintenance Window Features

Now you can assign maintenance windows to several checks or servers. This makes the administration much easer.
Time values can now be entered in GMT/UTC world time.
If a check is within a maintenance windows it will be shown with a dedicated status icon in the user interface. So you can easily see wich check is currently within a maintenance window.

Better notifications, check administration and transactions

  • Email notification with more information
  • Copy and move checks
  • Transaction Manager with improved browser
  • Mobile provider not needed anymore when creating a contact
  • Check parameter in HTTP Push notification
  • Contact login also for Mobile Apps
1/21/2015, more

Immediate answers to your questions - with our Live Support

From now on it is even easier to clarify open questions regarding server monitoring. ServerGuard24 offers live support between 9:00am and 5:00pm (CET).
12/1/2014, more

ServerGuard24 mit Multi User Support

Usually several people work on large monitoring scenarios. The technication setups the checks, the product ownner wants to be informed and the customers want a proof of the performance and availability. Now we support these requirements with our new multi user feature.
11/21/2014, more