Server Monitoring

for Your Business

ServerGuard24 is your partner fot Server Monitoring. We monitor your servers from the simple website to the complex IT landscape.

easy   competent   reliable

ServerGuard24 Monitoring Administration

ServerGuard24 is your partner fot Server Monitoring. We monitor your servers from the simple website to the complex IT landscape.

easy   competent   reliable

Versatile Server Monitoring for your IT systems

With our server monitoring you can monitor your IT systems for availability and performance. Setup can be done in just a few minutes and without any software installation.

Detailed Server Monitoring Reports

Extensive availability and performance reports help with cause analysis of outages and problems with your servers.

Individual Solutions for your server monitoring

We quickly implement special server monitoring requirements for you via individual solutions. We are your competent partner for monitoring all IT services.

Perfect Integration

ServerGuard24 can be quickly and easily integrated into your system landscape and processes using powerful interfaces.

Flexible Notifications

In the event of an error, we will notify you either by email, SMS, app or phone. Our system effectively protects you against false alarms.

Suitable for Any Size

No matter whether you have one or more than 1,000 servers, ServerGuard24 scales with your IT. Your IT organization can be easily mapped using our permissions concept.

Server Monitoring Plans

Convince yourself of the features of our server monitoring and
test 14 days free of charge and without any obligation!


$6.90 per month
  • 5 Checks
    $1.60 / additional check
  • 100 SMS
    Credits on Sign Up
  • 1 minute
    Monitoring Interval
  • 0 Transactions
    $8.90 / add. transaction


$23.90 per month
  • 25 Checks
    $1.50 / additional check
  • 200 SMS
    Credits on Sign Up
  • 1 minute
    Monitoring Interval
  • 1 Transactions
    $8.90 / add. transaction


$47.90 per month
  • 60 Checks
    $1.20 / additional check
  • 400 SMS
    Credits on Sign Up
  • 1 minute
    Monitoring Interval
  • 2 Transactions
    $8.90 / add. transaction


$129.90 per month
  • 200 Checks
    $0.80 / additional check
  • 1000 SMS
    Credits on Sign Up
  • 1 minute
    Monitoring Interval
  • 5 Transactions
    $8.90 / add. transaction
All prices exlude VAT and for payment on an annual basis. Learn more about our plans.

Our Guarantees

Satisfaction Guarantee

Get your money back!

If you are dissatisfied with our monitoring, we will refund the package price within the first 90 days!

Simplicity Guarantee

Clarify your questions on the same day!

ServerGuard24 combines extensive functions with a very good usability! Should any questions arise, we will clarify them on the same day!

Support Guarantee

We take care of your request!

If you have a concern for us, we will take care of it on the same day - until your problem is really solved!

Out Customers

Data Security

The security of your data is in our DNA. We invest in technologies that guarantee
a high level of security in all areas that affect the security of your data.

Secure Hosting for your Server Monitoring

Secure Hosting for your Server Monitoring
Your data is hosted in Germany. The data center was certified by TÜV SÜD in accordance with ISO 27001.

Secure Data Transfer in Server Monitoring

Secure Data Transfer in Server Monitoring
Your data is transmitted 100% with 256-bit encryption - also within our infrastructure.

Highest Degree of Availability for your Server Monitoring

Highest Degree of Availability for your Server Monitoring
If one of the monitoring servers fails, another server will take over the tasks in the shortest possible time.
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What else our Server Monitoring can do for you

Server monitoring for your business

A high website availability is especially critical for business clients in order to achieve success. Malfunctions occur and must be corrected promptly - before customers notice anything.
Reliable monitoring of your servers helps to quickly recognize problems and weaknesses and creates the prerequisite for highly available web services.

Server monitoring made to measure

Server monitoring is only effective if all parameters are correct and the functions that you need are actually being monitored.
ServerGuard24, therefore, offers a multitude configuration possibilities - these are, of course, intuitive and well explained.
You can adjust the monitoring to your individual needs, and the server monitoring of ServerGuard24 will only notify you when there is actually a problem.

Website monitoring from the user's view

It is usually not enough to monitor the homepage of your website. Errors often occur after user activity.
With the ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager you can record important activity sequences on your website in a few minutes and incorporate these into the automated server monitoring.
You will then be promptly informed when critical business processes, such as e.g. the order process, do not work properly in your shop.

What is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring is a process that monitors the availability, performance and integrity of servers. It enables early detection of failures, performance problems and security risks to ensure the continuous operational readiness of the server infrastructure.

Why is server monitoring important?

Server monitoring is important for ensuring server availability and performance, minimizing downtime and ensuring customer satisfaction. It helps in timely detection and resolution of issues before they impact business operations and enables proactive maintenance to optimize server performance.

How does server monitoring work?

Server monitoring includes monitoring of Internet services such as websites, databases, mail, local server paramenters and much more. Monitoring tools regularly send requests to servers to check their availability. When deviations from defined thresholds occur, alerts are generated to notify the IT team so they can take appropriate action.