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Simple solutions are often particularly difficult to find. We work hard to combine extensive server monitoring functions with simple and easy-to-understand, intuitive operation. And if you do have a question, we’re there for you.

Our server monitoring performs several million checks every day. We believe that monitoring administration should be as quick as our checks. We therefore put a lot of work into time-saving features and optimizing performance. This way you have more time for the essentials.

Our Customers

We love delighting our customers. We don’t just want satisfied customers, we want to surprise our customers every day, again and again. We accomplish this with a sophisticated server monitoring solution, helpful features, and service that won’t stop until a problem is really solved.

We very often support our customers for many years as a reliable and competent partner providing availability and performance monitoring. Over this time, we got to know your requirements for perfect server monitoring very well and incorporated them into the development of ServerGuard24.

Our Story

We have been using ServerGuard24 to ensure that our customers are reliably and quickly informed when their IT is not working since 2003. This way we ensure business success and prevent damage from IT services that are down.

We have continuously developed ServerGuard24 together with our customers over the past 17 years. This resulted in a monitoring system that can map the monitoring of a single website just as well as the monitoring of a complex IT landscape with several hundred servers.

> 1.000
Mio Checks per Month
> 500
Thousend Alerts per Month
> 200
Thousend SMS per Month
> 20
Years on the Market

Latest News

25. Apr

New System Check with Live Status

Monitor load, memory, volumes and processes with just one check. In addition, the check offers the current status of the individual values in clear charts.

7. Mar

New Check Cron and Postman

With the Cron Check, the correct execution of cron jobs can be monitored easily and effectively. The Postman Check allows the automated functional testing of complex APIs.

1. Jul

IP Changes of the monitoring measuring nodes

The monitoring measuring point in New York now has the IP and the measuring point in Kuala Lumpur has been replaced by a measuring point in Singapore with the IP You can see the IPv6 addresses and traces in the support area of your account.

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