Monitor IT Security

IT security is becoming increasingly important

IT security gaps can quickly lead to high costs. Valuable data can be stolen and servers can be paralyzed. Servers provide their services to the outside world via ports. It is crucial for the security of an IT system to open only those ports that are also required for external communication. This configuration is usually done in the firewall. Errors in the firewall settings can lead to other ports being open and thus offer potential for attack. Port monitoring, which ensures that only the required ports are available at all times, is therefore essential, that only the required ports are available at all times.

Detect Open Firewalls

Insufficiently protected servers are regularly the target of successful attacks. The damage is often immense. A correctly configured firewall is therefore all the more important. It prevents vulnerabilities in installed components from being exploited and thus reduces the risk of a server being hacked.

The PortScan Monitor checks whether only the correct ports are open and alerts if there are additional ports.

PortScan Monitor
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