Website Monitoring

Effective website monitoring for reliable websites

At ServerGuard24, our focus is to provide you with effective monitoring of your website. With the website monitoring from ServerGuard24, you can ensure that your website functions reliably and error-free at all times.

Website monitoring for reliable operation

A reliable and error-free website is the basic requirement for your success on the Internet. Error messages and long loading times look unprofessional and can scare off potential customers. This is exactly where we come in: Our comprehensive website monitoring provides you with the necessary tools to effectively monitor your website.

Detect Website Outages

A reliable and error-free website is a basic requirement for success on the Internet. Error messages and long loading times have an unprofessional effect and deter customers.

The HTTP Monitor provides extensive options for monitoring websites. In addition to simply determining whether the website is available, you can also check the content using search terms or regular expressions. The website request can also be modified as desired by specifying header information. If requested, we also check whether the installed SSL certificate is valid and correctly installed.

HTTP Monitor

Recognize Performance Problems

Slow websites are a nuisance to visitors and drive customers to competitors. Problems can be difficult to identify manually, especially when website loading times fluctuate over the course of the day.

This is where the HTTP Perf Monitor can help, which monitors the loading time, connection time and transmission rate. If one of the values drops below a defined threshold, you will receive a notification. While the HTTP Perf Monitor only retrieves the HTML code, the Site Perf Monitor loads the complete website in the browser and delivers a comprehensive picture of website performance.

HTTP Perf Monitor
Site Perf Monitor

Detect Malfunctions

A web application has a variety of different functions. Transactions are actions performed automatically on a website. You can thus record the desired action in a recorder and our server monitoring regularly runs it.

The TransAct Browser Monitor automatically executes user actions in the browser and checks the result. In contrast, the TransAct Server Monitor uses a sequence of GET and POST requests and the Selenium Monitor uses scripts that were recorded with the Selenium IDE.

TransAct Browser Monitor | TransAct Server Monitor | Selenium Monitor

Detect Expired SSL Certificates

An expired SSL certificate generates an unpleasant error message in the browser that the website is no longer secure.

The SSL Cert Monitor informs you in a timely fashion before a certificate expires.

SSL Cert Monitor

Detect Incorrect DNS Resolution

The correct resolution of a domain to an IP is the prerequisite for the functioning of websites. Especially in more complex architectures, configuration errors can quickly creep in, which then lead to failures.

The Domain Monitor reliably checks whether a domain is resolved to the correct IP.

Domain Monitor

Detect Application Errors

Complex web applications consist of a variety of hardware and software components. Interfaces, cron jobs or services provide features and should be monitored to ensure correct functioning.

The Local Web Monitor offers a very flexible way to monitor any parameters of a web application via HTTP.

Local Web Monitor

With ServerGuard24 you have a reliable partner at your side, who offers you all the functions for a powerful Website Monitoring to ensure your online presence. Our comprehensive tools and website monitoring solutions enable you to detect problems at an early stage and to react quickly. Trust in our many years of experience. Contact us and ensure an error-free and reliable website.

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What is website monitoring and why is it important for the success of a website?

Website monitoring refers to the continuous monitoring of a website to ensure its performance, availability and security. It is important because a malfunctioning website can deter potential customers and potential customers and lead to lost sales. With website monitoring, problems can be detected early and fixed to ensure a smooth online presence.

What are the benefits of professional website monitoring for businesses?

Professional website monitoring offers numerous benefits to businesses. It enables proactive error detection to minimize downtime and performance problems. The early notification of problems when problems occur, companies can react quickly and keep their website running optimally. In addition, Website monitoring ensures an improved customer experience and boosts visitor confidence in the reliability of the website.

How does website monitoring work and what tools are used for it?

Website monitoring involves regularly checking the website for availability, loading times and functionality. Various tools are used for this, such as the HTTP Monitor, the Performance Monitor and the the SSL Cert Monitor. These tools check the website for errors, measure the performance and monitor the validity of SSL certificates.