New Feature Escalations

With escalations you can now notify individual contacts, distribution lists or connected systems with a defined time interval. In this way, you can map an escalation path in the monitoring in a simple and granular manner.

New ServerGuard24 Monitoring App

Our completely newly developed ServerGuard24 Monitoring App now covers 100% of the functions of our Monitoring Suite. This makes it possible for the first time to administer the complete monitoring scenario on the smartphone.

New mongoDB Monitor

The new MongoDB Monitor enables the monitoring of the popular NoSQL database.

Sending reports via distribution lists

Until now, the automated sending of reports was only possible to contacts. Distribution lists can now also be defined as recipients. This simplifies the administration of the automated reports.

Flexible integration of systems

Monitoring notifications can now be sent to the interfaces of any system. The integration of these systems is done in a few minutes. In this way, ticketing or messaging systems such as Slack can be easily connected.

Copy Check Properties

The function with which you can copy any properties of a check to other checks is very useful. To do this, mark the checks that should receive the selected properties in the tree and then click in the tree menu under Action on "Copy properties". Then select a check and the properties to be copied.

Advanced SMS Notification

If desired, the notification SMS now contains a short link that leads to the check properties in the admin area. This function can be activated under Settings> Monitoring.

Enhanced Push Notification

Popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or Edge support push notifications on PCs and on Android. On Android and on the desktop with Edge on Windows and Safari on MacOS, this works even if the browser is not open at all. To use this function, first activate the push notification for the current browser in the contact settings. In the next step, activate Push, if you haven't already done so, for the desired checks.

New Layout

We put a lot of time and energy into revising the layout. It was important to us to make it easier to use and easier to understand. At the same time, the changes should be such that you can find your way around immediately. The result is a clear, modern design with better use of space and improved performance.

ServerGuard24 on the Smartphone

ServerGuard24 can now be operated on the smartphone without restrictions. We have invested a lot of time to enable optimal operation despite the significantly smaller screen. If you save a bookmark on the screen of your smartphone, the address line of the browser is omitted and the website has even more space.