ServerGuard24 on the Smartphone

ServerGuard24 can now be operated on the smartphone without restrictions. We have invested a lot of time to enable optimal operation despite the significantly smaller screen. If you save a bookmark on the screen of your smartphone, the address line of the browser is omitted and the website has even more space.

New features for the HTTP Check

In the HTTP Check SSL Certificates can now be checked for correct function. Furthermore, own HTTP status codes can be stored, which will be checked by the server monitoring.

The administration becomes easier

New functions for processing multiple checks make server monitoring administration much easier. So the selected properties of a check are copied to any number of checks. Furthermore, the filter options in the tree view have been improved.

Extended API Features

The API of ServerGuard24 has been extended by an authorization concept. It is now possible to create several API accounts. In turn, when these are assigned to existing groups, it is possible to granularly control which API account has write or read access to defined servers.

SMS Links, DIstribution Lists, Check Comments

With new monitoring features the server monitoring with ServerGuard24 is now even more comfortable und easier.
10/20/2017, more

New Monitoring Station Paris

As of 12st of Dec we start the operation of our new monitoring station in Paris (IPv4, IPv6 2a01:348:99:158:255:215:95:0) and Amsterdam (IPv4, IPv6 2a00:1768:1003:151:236:14:98:1). The monitoring station in Dusseldorf won't be continued.

New features for your server monitoring

+ Disabling of notifications for the whole account
+ Export of check settings
+ New field Alternative Host for the HTTP Perf Check
+ 20% discount for yearly payment
9/5/2016, more

New Server Monitoring Features

+ New feature text blocks
+ SSL and TLS encyption for SMTP check
+ Port selection for MSSQL check
+ Integration of
+ Privileges for "New Server"
+ Erweiterte Benachichtigungszeiten
7/6/2016, more

More detailed performance reports

In the last month we were often asked if we could provide the raw data of the performance reports. There are checks the aggregated data based on hours are not sufficient for. Therefore we provide on request reports which include the performance values and the monitoring station of every single check. To do so we store 0.25 Mio value for two month. If you want to use this feature click on "Details" in the performance report. The price is $0.95 / month.

New iOS and Android Apps

We are proud to announce our new mobile apps for iOS and Android just before Christmas. An improved handling and a lot of new features make the apps an important tool for the monitoring with Serverguard24.
12/12/2015, more