Mail Server Monitoring

Why mail server monitoring is important

Technical problems of mail servers are usually not noticed immediately. Individual mails are lost. Only when no more mails arrive for a longer period of time, the mail server will be is checked more closely. Such situations can be avoided by mail server monitoring.

Sending and receiving

A distinction is made in mail server monitoring between the monitoring of sending (SMTP) and the monitoring of the mail reception. The reception is usually realized via the services IMAP or POP3 services. We offer powerful monitors for both protocols.

Detect Mail Server Problems

The basis of email infrastructure is mostly SMTP servers for sending and IMAP or POP3 servers for receiving. If a server fails, emails can no longer be sent or received.

The SMTP, IMAP and POP3 monitors connect to the server and query its status. If a server does not signal any readiness to send or receive, you will be alerted immediately.

SMTP Monitor | IMAP Monitor | POP3 Monitor

Ensure Email Sending/Receiving

Errors in email infrastructure can occur in many different places. The ultimate function test is sending an email and checking whether it has arrived.

This is exactly what the EMAIL Monitor does completely automatically. If an email is not delivered within the specified time, you will receive a notification.

EMAIL Monitor

Do you send spam without knowing it?

As soon as your domain (e.g. is listed on an email blacklist, your emails will most likely end up in the recipient's spam folder. Unfortunately, domains that do not send spam are also often included on the blacklists. This may be due to the fact that spam was sent via the provider's server that is also used to send your emails or that a recipient incorrectly reported the domain as a spam sender.

The Blacklist Monitor regularly checks the major blacklists to see if your domain is listed.

Blacklist Monitor

ServerGuard24 is your reliable partner for monitoring your mail infrastructure. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and accompany the setup of your mail server monitoring scenario. Our monitoring tools give you the security that Your mail infrastructure works reliably at all times.

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What are blacklists?

There are a number of so-called black lists on which servers are listed that are suspected to send spam (unsolicited advertising e-mails). Virus filters on the recipient side query these lists and check whether the server of the sender is on one of these lists. If this is the case, an e-mail will be marked as spam or discarded immediately.

Why is blacklist monitoring important to me?

It happens that e-mails from companies are also classified as spam, even though they have never sent spam. The cause may be that the mail server is also used by others (cloud service) or that the server was incorrectly reported. Unfortunately, without blacklist monitoring, you find out about this very late, through emails that don't arrive or end up in the recipient's spam filter.

How can I be sure that my mail servers are working?

The mere availability of the mail servers does not guarantee their correct functioning. We can ensure complete security through our end-to-end Provide mail monitoring. Here we send e-mails automatically and check whether you have received them after a defined period of time.