Server Monitoring with the SMTP Monitor


This monitor allows you to monitor via SMTP protocol. You can monitor any mail server which is available on the internet and is externally accessible. You ensure that the SMTP server is able to send emails.


SMTP server's port. (default value: 25)

OK status code: The SMTP server signals that it is ready to send mail with the OK status code. (default value: 220) Please change this value only if the SMTP server is not on standard configuration.

From Address
This parameter is used as sender address for the MAILTO command. It is only needed for the monitoring of Microsoft Exchange servers.

Time in seconds before a connection attempt times out.
If a timeout occurs, the status of the check is changed to Critical.

Availability Report

Server responding, successful connection to port, reply from SMTP server

Server not responding, no connection to port within the timeout, no reply from SMTP server

Performance Report

Response Time
Time, which is needed to execute the check