Server Monitoring with the MS SQL Monitor


This monitor allows you to monitor a MS SQL database server. You can monitor any MS SQL server which is available on the internet and is externally accessible.


Username to log in at the MS SQL server

Password to log in at the MS SQL server

SQL-Query, which is executed to check the service (default value: select getdate() )

Time in seconds before a connection attempt times out.
If a timeout occurs, the status of the check is changed to Critical.

Availability Report

Server responding, successful connection to server, reply from MS SQL server, execution of the SQL query is successful

Server not responding, no connection to port within the timeout, no reply from MS SQL server, SQL query failed

Monitor Integration

In order to have your MS SQL server monitored by ServerGuard24, the connection to the MS SQL server from all of ServerGuard24's measuring points is required (please keep firewalls in mind). Therefore you should add a new MS SQL user, which is used by ServerGuard24 for monitoring purposes only and which does not need any access rights to you data. Finally enter the assigned username and password in the ServerGuard24 MS SQL service form.