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ServerGuard24 is a powerfule monitoring plattform wich supports website owners to recognize failures fastly and raise the availability of their website.

Take part in the ServerGuard24 Affiliate Programme. So you can quickly build an attractive extra income.


We pay our affiliates 15% commission on the sales generated from brokered customers on a monthly basis. As a partner in the ServerGuard24 Affiliate Programme, you benefit constantly.

The Programme

At first we check your registration. Subsequently you will receive a code that allows you to link to ServerGuard24. As soon as a visitor reaches the ServerGuard24 site through this link, a cookie with a validity period of 30 days is stored. If the customer registers within these 30 days, you will receive ongoing commission on all sales generated from this customer. The commission shall be calculated and credited monthly. Each month you will receive an e-mail with a schedule of sales and commission. The credit shall be paid by means of transfer to your account.

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