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The advantages of monitoring services with ServerGuard24

Comprehensive server monitoring

ServerGuard24 monitors your websites, databases, mail servers, DNS, firewalls, transactions and much more.

Notification within seconds

We will inform you in a few seconds by email or text message about problems - before your customers even notice anything.

Giving you an overview

Simple and comprehensible evaluations give you an insight into your website's availability and performance.

Keeping an eye on everything while on the go

With the free iPhone- and Android app for your smart phone, you can keep an eye on everything while on the go.

Finding causes of problems quickly

ServerGuard24 helps you find the causes of errors by providing error descriptions, source codes and screenshots.

Monitoring website activity

Record user activity in your web browser and monitor the functionality of your website.

Test your server monitoring for 30 days for free

3 checks included
10 minutes monitoring interval
30 SMS free every month
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and try it out for 30 days for free
4 checks included
5 minutes monitoring interval
40 SMS free every month
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and try it out for 30 days for free
5 checks included
2 minutes monitoring interval
50 SMS free every month
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and try it out for 30 days for free

These customers trust ServerGuard24


"ServerGuard24 offers a flexible configuration interface as well as quickly accessible and reliable service. We are very pleased since the frequency and duration of our server malfunctions has declined due to the usage of ServerGuard24."
Thomas Mussler, IT System/Network Administration

"On account of long response times, we had become dissatisfied with an American provider and, therefore, decided to only rely on a German provider in the future. We are very satisfied with ServerGuard24 in terms of the product, the price model and the service performance."
Manfred Schmucker, Operations Manager

"Our most important goal was to maximize the availability of pages. ServerGuard24 seemed practical, personable and just right for achieving this purpose. We have reached our goal without problems."
Ulrich Babiak, Senior Webmaster

Get more information about ServerGuard24 server monitoring

Server monitoring for your business

A high website availability is especially critical for business clients in order to achieve success. Malfunctions occur and must be corrected promptly - before customers notice anything.
Reliable server monitoring helps to quickly recognize problems and weaknesses and creates the prerequisite for highly available web services.
With more than 20 services, ServerGuard24 makes it possible to monitor the most diverse aspects of your website and, thereby, increase availability.

Server monitoring made to measure

Server monitoring is only effective if all parameters are correct and the functions that you need are actually being monitored.
ServerGuard24, therefore, offers a multitude configuration possibilities - these are, of course, intuitive and well explained.
You can adjust the monitoring to your individual needs, and ServerGuard24 will only notify you when there is actually a problem.

Monitoring websites from the user's view

It is usually not enough to monitor the homepage of your website. Errors often occur after user activity.
With the ServerGuard24 Transaction Manager you can record important activity sequences on your website in a few minutes and incorporate these into the automated server monitoring.
You will then be promptly informed when critical business processes, such as e.g. the order process, do not work properly in your shop.